Taking the plunge!

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So this is it! I’ve actually started my own blog!

It’s crazy because for 10 years, people have been telling me I should have my own blog and I have always toyed around with the idea of starting one but I was TOO much of a scaredy cat to actually do it.

But I guess, I am in a different stage in my life where being mediocre is not allowed. I’m willing to give thing a try without worrying whether I will fail or not. For the last few years (if I am being honest), I’ve been wasting my talent and not following my heart and just coasting through life.

Yeah…. I have been having fun, going on at least three holidays a year, partying with friends,  dining out all the time and it seemed from the outside I was ‘living life’. But deep down when I was by myself, I wasn’t happy because I keep putting off doing the things I really want to achieve mainly because of fear of failure.

Which is crazy because for 5 days a week for the last 6 years it’s been my job to encourage and support people to follow their passions and step out of their comfort zone. So why haven’t I been doing the same?! I have been a hypocrite to myself! (this notion actually pisses me off! Even as I type this now!)

So that being said, I have decided instead of talking about the dissatisfaction of my life to friends and family, I think it’s about time I finally do something about it. Starting with this blog.

This is the Year Of The Plantain (I will explain this in a later post), where I am pursuing all of my desires and I am going to conquer every single one. All which I will share with you in time to come. 

This blog will be about my observations of on life, lessons I have learnt, people I have met. You will also get range of post talking about carnival, f*ckboys to natural deodorants. This blog will be as varied as I am as a person.

Hopefully, you will vibe with me and get where I’m coming from.

Until next time.

Bless Up x








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