Minimalism: The Holiday Edition

beach minimalism holiday

Two months ago, on a dry Sunday I decide to have a one man Netflix and chill session. Whilst searching for something to watch I remembered someone at work told me they watched a documentary called ‘Minimalism- A documentary about the important things’, so I decided to give it ago and see what it was all about.

 I won’t ruin it for you but the Minimalism documentary and the movement, according to the documentary makers is all about ridding yourself of life’s excess, in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom.

In other words stop buying unnecessary shit (like did you really need those shoes in two different colours) and stop trying to find happiness and validation in items such as a BMW or a Chanel handbag.

What’s really interesting, I think I have been on a path of Minimalism for a while. This year, I decided to change my spending habits. I have barely entered a shop, had numerous ASOS packages continuously delivered to my door and I didn’t even take part in January sales. Did you read what I just said… I said I DID NOT TAKE PART IN January sales this year as in I didn’t purchase one Zara sale item.

 I decided I spend way too much money on clothes and beauty products I only wear/ use once or not at all & I had enough. My dad used to always tell me ‘if it’s on your ass, it is not an asset’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a realer saying!

 Sometimes, I’d be in room stressed because I have no space for all the clothes and shoes I have, let alone finding room for the new items I brought. So I adopted a rule of asking the following questions before I buy something:

  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Do I have something that is similar
  3. Will I use it more than once

 If it passes the following questions with flying colours, then and only then will I purchase an item.

 This rule has worked out for me, I have definitely cut down on my spending and it has allowed me to increase my financial goals that I have set for myself. Also, I no longer feel like a slave to fashion, always having to be on ‘trend’, buying the right type of nude lipstick.

When I was younger, I was worse! I was like a crack fiend when it came to buying things. I remember once when I was 17 going to college and one day Office the shoe store had a mega sale and they had these Tan Suedette over the knee boots for £5! FIVE POUNDS!

 Now this was a bargain that I could not miss out but the only problem is I had already spent all my money. But I had to have these shoes, so like a crack fiend I decided to see if I had any loose change on me to make up the £5.

 Now luckily, I managed to find some change in my bag and I scrapped together £4.70! I was so close yet so far, I was just standing there shaking really trying to magic up 30p! All so I can satisfy my latest shoe fix. This woman must of smelt my desperation and decided to help a sister out and gave me the 30p! I don’t think you know how happy I was that she bailed me out, I could’ve kissed her!

 I walked out the shop and I had the biggest smile on my face and my shakes settling and I was ready to go on with my day. That was when I knew I had a problem.

 Anyway, we are now coming up to May, the best month ever! Not only is it my birthday month (TAUREANS STAND UPPPP), it’s the only month in the UK with 2 bank holiday and it’s the beginning of my holiday season and I am off to sunny Jamaica. YEH MON!

 Holiday’s are my weak spot, I always feel compelled to buy all new items for my trips. Now, considering I go on at least 3 holidays a year, this gets costly and causes more stress as I cant find nowhere to put these new holiday clothes in my room either.

 So given that I am on the path of minimalism, I thought I should apply the principles on this trip.

 I will not buy not ONE new item of clothes or accessory for this trip. Everything from this trip will be something I already have. Now this is a big deal for me, in 28 years of life I have never not had a new item to make me feel extra saucy on holiday.

 But I am going to give it a try because I don’t understand why I don’t feel extra saucy in my old items, why do I even call them old! When some of them, I have only worn them once.

 Why can’t we repeat clothes, why is it every time we go out we feel we need something new to wear. WHO MADE THESE RULES! Advertisers and Marketers that’s who!

 I want to break free of being an advertiser’s dream customer and make my own rules and I am going to start with trip and stop looking for new things to make me happy and be happy with the things I already have.

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 If you would like to learn more about minimalism check out the documentary on Netflix and check the Minimalist website on

 Until next time my lovelies, bless up x







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