Minimalism: Holiday edition revisited

Minimalism whilst on holiday in Jamaica

Wa gwarn mi frens!

Mi jus lan‘ back from mi Caribbean tour an’  mi feel irie!


Hi guys,

I have just come back from my Caribbean tour and I feel amazing! In the last month, I have been to 3 island destinations: Jamaica, Antigua and Barbados. All in the aid of celebrating my greatest year alive, Year 29!

This birthday was extra special and the funny thing is…it was the least amount of fuss I have ever created around it. It was simple but I have felt soo loved from my friends, family and the bf.

I have really found contentment in simplicity and appreciation for the tiny things in life (Not every day fireworks and tigers for my birthday you know!) But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I still appreciate the bigger things too!

Anyway, this post is to update you on my minimalist challenge.

Just to nudge your memory, in my last post, I vowed for my Jamaica trip I would not buy ONE new item of clothes or accessory for this trip. Everything, I wore for this trip would have to be something I had already owned and I could not take more than what I needed.

Ok, so I did stick to the above rules but I must confess, I did buy two sunglasses for this trip which were EXTRA SAUCY and went with everything and I just couldn’t pass them up.

So how did I get on? Maybe I should explain my general approach to packing first.

Ordinarily, when I am going away, I look in my wardrobe (packed to the brim with clothes) a week before I’m due to go away and freak out and complain I have nothing to wear on holiday.

I then go on an online shopping spree and buy a whole bunch of clothes I don’t need. Then I pack two suitcases, one with clothing and the other which has shoes and accessories and then find out my suitcases are overweight and then I stress about what I have to take out. I tend to finish my packaging at 2 am and get 4 hours sleep before I due to be at the airport for 8am.

When I am finally on my holiday, I find I do not wear most of the shoes, clothes and accessories I brought with me and get EXTRA pissed off because I then cannot bring back as much souvenirs as I would like because I am out of space and weight allowance.

Applying the Minimalism principle to my holiday helped me sooo much. I found I was less stressed as I didn’t have to do any last-minute shopping and worry that I was overspending on new clothes.

Packaging was EASY, for a 6-night trip, I packed two outfits for each day- one day and one night. Normally, I always pack extra clothes just in case I don’t feel like wearing something I had planned to wear. But this time I was strict, what I had was what I had.

I also only packed a few pieces of jewellery  and 5 pairs of shoes. Now you’re probably thinking that’s a lot of shoes, but for me that it is minimal! I packed one pair of gold barely there heels which could go with everything should I want to look dressier. I also packed, one pair of sliders, black sandals, tan sandals and a pair of trainers should I want to go to the gym and for travelling.

I got to enjoy clothes that I hadn’t seen (let alone wore) in ages and actually got the chance to wear some clothes that I had never worn before.

My suitcase was underweight (17.1 kg out of a possible 20kg to be exact) and I finished packing at 8pm and got the chance to have 7 hours of sleep. More importantly I saved myself some serious money! (keerching!)


See how I styled my minimalist looks here:

The minimalist approach is life changing,  I could find what I wanted to wear quickly as I didn’t have to fuss around with options.  I wore every item of clothing that I brought  and I got the chance to fall in love with certain items I already  have but had forgotten about.

My souvenir capacity grew and I got the chance to buy amazing things to bring back with me ( I’ll think that might be another post.)

All in all, this is what the minimalism challenge taught me:

  • I can feel great and saucy in outfits I’ve worn before and I do not need to buy new clothes for every vacation.
  • Minimalism has made me more organised and a lot more efficient.
  • Minimalism has allowed me to be like Stella, I got my groove back in Jamaica (except for mine didn’t include a hot Jamaican closet gay husband, just a new-found love for the possessions I already have. Now I’m back in the real world, instead of wearing the same 15 items of clothing I wear week in and week out . I have found that I have begun to explore my wardrobe a lot more and become more creative again.
  • It has helped me to break free of my consumerism ways. For my birthday holiday to Antigua and Barbados . I only brought a few new items and in fact my birthday outfit was an outfit I brought the year before but didn’t wear.
  • However, I still have a long way to go on my quest to minimalism as I didn’t wear 2 pair of the shoes or most of the accessories I brought which could’ve been more souvenir space. I need to get better at knowing what I actually need.
  • Lastly, this challenge has made me look at my life in fine detail and I have decided I want to declutter other areas not just my suitcase. My next challenge will be minimising my over packed wardrobe to help calm the energy in my small room and let go of my hoarding ways.

I have to say it’s amazing how one small change in your approach can completely overhaul the efficiency in your life and your focus. I really do look forward to delving deeper in to this minimalist lifestyle as I know it will have a massive impact on my life.

If I have inspired you to give the minimalist lifestyle a try, let me know, hit me up on Instagram @leahaffia.

You can check out my Jamaica vlog on the My Youtube Channel- Leah Affia next wednesday at 9am G.M.T

Until next time.

Bless Up



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