5 reasons why women should be freeing the nipples

bra free the nipples Rihanna

Hey Guys,

Lately, I have realised how much comfort means to me.

I never thought I’d be that lady who wore trainers to work and change into heels when I got to my destination.

Even my underwear has become less fancy too! I have no time for panties that dig you in your backside or bras that make me feel like I just finished a 10-year jail sentence when I take it off.

My desire for ultimate comfort is what has made me be an accidental member of the free the nipple movement.

When I am out, I want to mimic that feeling  I have when I’m home.

Why is it a must to wear underwear when I’m wearing clothes! & If I choose not too, why is it when people see a nipple outline they feel the need to mention it! Why is it a made into a big deal!

Why is it we allow people to make us feel some type of way about what we do with OUR bodies?

Watch my latest video below, giving you 5 reasons to let go of wearing bras.

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Bless Up,


Lea xxx


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